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Safar has teamed up with the renowned Austrian brands Backhausen and Saint Charles Apothecary to create a kit filled with the finest of todays essentials. The Safar care kit comes with a non-medical face mask in Backhausen's signature design and the hand-sanitizer 'Apothekerspray' from the house of Saint Charles Apothecary.


The Safar travel bag can hold up to 1 liter of liquids and is hand made under fair conditions in India. The wash bag is made out of plastic, with a border of block printed cotton and comes in an organic cotton bag. 


Backhausen's non-medical mask is made out of white cotton with a colored border. Made in Austria and OEKO-TEX certified it can be washed at 60°. The double bands allow the mask to be adjusted, adapted and fitted for wear and a double flap allows the mask to be comfortably worn with glasses while meeting all sustainability criteria. For every sold mask, €1 will be donated to the Austrian charity Lebenshilfe.


The popular Apothekerspray (20ml) from the house of the Saint Charles Apothecary, for the on the go sanitizing of the hands, is sprayed directly on to the skin. Due to its fragrance and natural ingredients it is also a wonderful room spray. The natural fragrance notes come from the Viennese Fragrance manufactory Lederhaas and consist of essential oils in certified organic quality.


'Care kit' Jodhpur

  • For health and safety reasons there is no return or exchange possibility for this product.

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