The Princess Diya Kumari Foundation (PDKF) is a social initiative based in Jaipur and Sawai Modhpur, Rajasthan and was founded by Princess Diya Kumari of Jaipur to support unprivileged women in the region.

The non-governmental organization is making efforts to empower people by ensuring sustainable livelihoods, facilitating improved standards of living, and creating a healthy

socio-economic environment.

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The story of Safar began with a short trip to Jaipur, Rajasthan and through the region, which turned into a six month stay in the vibrant city of Jaipur. While learning about the culture and finding inspiration, Olivia volunteered at the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation (PDKF). After working with the women and getting to know them and their skills better she decided to try out an idea she had been thinking about for a long time. Travelling around the world for work was part of Olivia’s day to day life and the issue of transporting liquids in the hand luggage was all too familiar to her. Using single used plastic bags seemed such a waste of resources and was also not very handy in the day-to-day travel routine.

The Safar bag, who's name derives from the Hindi word safar which means journey, was born.

After experimenting with different designs and materials the spacious transparent travel bag was created. Holding 1-liter and allowing for more space because of its form, the Safar bag fits perfectly in any hand luggage trolley and offers perfect visibility while searching for your beauty products. Steadily working on new designs inspired by the rich culture in the region of Rajasthan we hope to spread the Safar bags around the globe.